A Milestone Worth Sharing: Our Win at UK Jewellery Awards✨

I'm absolutely elated as I share some incredible news with you all! 

Picture this – I recently had the honour of attending the UK Jewellery Awards, hosted by Retail Jeweller. The room was filled with the industry's leading figures, and there we were - MISSA & KISSA, a brand that probably no one had heard of, in a sea of established names.

Trust me, I felt like Cinderella at the ball, just ecstatic to get dolled up and be part of the Oscars of the jewellery world*.

getting dolled up in our Lena choker and Amelia Pearl Earrings  
In our Lena choker and Amelia Pearl Earrings - voted by you on the day! Couldn't contain my excitement to be in that room!

But here's the kicker: we walked away with the Emerging Jewellery/Watch Brand of the Year award! I’ve pinched myself over and over, and yet, it continues to feel like a dream. 

Described as a “stand-out entry” by one judge, this brand has thought of everything, from sustainable materials to charitable initiatives and a commitment to supporting mental health.

—The UK Jewellery Awards Judging Panel 2023 

Now, let's rewind a bit. When I started MISSA & KISSA, it was a dream fueled by passion and a vision to support the causes close to my heart. The first weeks were filled with sleepless nights as I tried to figure out ways to make it all work with very limited resources. Doubts had crept in countless times, especially when balancing affordability with our core values, while trying to survive and thrive in this economic landscape.

But here's the truly magical part – it's all thanks to you, our amazing community and valued customers, that we've achieved this. As I sat on the train back from the awards, I read through your reviews and messages and was moved to tears (yes, again!) I knew the judges saw what I saw – the connection that makes MISSA & KISSA special 🫶

This award isn't merely a shiny trophy; it symbolises dreams, hard work, and the awe-inspiring power of community. It stands as proof that with passion, perseverance, and a little bit of courage, the unimaginable really can happen.

Our personal connection makes this journey into something meaningful. Each time you wear your MISSA & KISSA pieces, I hope you feel an immense sense of pride, knowing you're part of something extraordinary.

So, here's a toast to you – our wonderful supporters who have made MISSA & KISSA shine 💎


Cecilia xx


PS* Retail Jeweller is the industry's go-to source, and their annual UK Jewellery Awards are the only awards judged by industry experts. It is indeed the biggest night on the jewellery industry’s calendar! ✨ View the full list of winners here.

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