How To Fix Huggies Earrings That Won't Close (Or Are Too Loose)

Over time, the snap hinge closure may become loose and stop clicking into place as tightly as it used to. This can happen due to the soft nature of sterling silver and the delicate design of our huggies.

I mean...look at how tiny our mini huggies are! Our personal experience is that as we put these dainty pieces on and fiddle around, we might accidentally push the very soft silver-based post down against our ears. 

But don't worry, a quick and easy solution is to adjust the tip of the curved post.

Simply hold the earring open and gently lift up the curved post with your finger tip. Keep adjusting until you hear the satisfying "click" of a tight closure.

And voila! Your huggie earrings are back to looking and functioning like new. Keep this simple trick in mind to keep your huggies secure and stylish.

And of course, as always, we're here to help!


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